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January 26, 2015 7:22 pm

OPEC Cuts 2015 Crude Demand Forecast to 12 Year Low

Kemp: North Dakota Oil Rigs Drop Points To US Output Decline After May

The decline in oil drilling in the US should ensure that US production peaks by April or May.

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Software Firm AVEVA Sees Increased Uncertainly in Oil & Gas Market

Engineering software business AVEVA Group reports ‘increased uncertainty and reduced visibility’ among its oil and gas clientele.

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US Supreme Court Rejects BP Executive’s Appeal

The US Supreme Court declines to hear an appeal by a former BP executive.

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Rival Minister: Libya Producing 363,000 Barrels per Day

Oil output from Libya fells to 363,000 barrels per day amid fighting.

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Nigeria’s Forcados Oil Pipeline Resumes after One-Week Shutdown

Nigeria Resumes Operations on its Trans Forcados oil pipeline, after the close of a part of the network almost halved the country’s gas production.

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